An exciting day for all concerned: this is the official project start and the first project planning meeting between Ogglebox, Bosworth Heritage Centre, and Leicestershire County Council. We had initial discussions on the opportunities for gathering 3D film of characters in medieval costume which will form part of our ‘window into the past’; and had our first full tour of the Bosworth Heritage centre site so we could start to think about areas we could augment with our virtual ‘time portals’. Most importantly we decided on times to review our game concepts with groups of ‘creative connectors’ (16-25 year-olds) and ‘silver champions’ (55+) - key groups which museums are interested in attracting.

An existing interpretation board with view out over likely battle sites at Bosworth Heritage Centre.

The next step will be a meeting with key staff at the visitor centre to give their expert knowledge about the visitor experience, and a storyboarding session to create a narrative for the game.